• 02 Jan 2024
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Understanding Picking

What is Picking

Picking Job Execution is used alongside your picking team to retrieve the product from storage. They will be told to pick the product after the selected run wave.

Accessing Picking

Within the Navigation menu, click on the search bar, type ''Picking'' and click "Picking". Picking is also in Shipping > Picking.

How to Use Picking

Selecting a Shipment Picking Profile

Click on the Receiving Profile drop-down menu. The correct profile must be selected so the product will be picked correctly. If you need to create a profile, here is a guide Add Picking Profile.

picking profile select

After selecting your profile, it will prompt you with the location of the product you will pick.

Entering required Fields

To use Shipment Picking, the following steps may be asked depending on your selected verifications:

  1. Enter or scan the check digit, this will be on the racking at the pick location.enter check digit

  2. Enter or scan the Item code from the product you have just picked.enter item

  3. Enter the Pick Quantity.enter pick quantity

  4. Enter the Container Number.container enter To complete the Picking Job Execution, click on the next buttonNext Buttonand if completed correctly, no errors should pop up.

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