Replenishment Job Execution
  • 19 Dec 2022
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Replenishment Job Execution

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Understanding Replenishment Job Execution

What is Replenishment Job Execution

It is the menu used by the user to undergo the process of Replenishing stock within Canary7.

Accessing Replenishment Job Execution

Within the Navigation menu, click on the search bar, type ''Replenishment Job Execution'' and click "Replenishment Job Execution". Replenishment Job Execution is also in Replenishment > Replenishment Job Execution.

How to use Replenishment Job Execution

Select the Replenishment Profile

Click on the Replenishment Profile drop-down menu and select the required profile for this count. If needed, here is a link to Create a Replenishment Profile.

select a replenishment profile

Complete Mandatory Fields

  1. Enter or Scan the Container number replen enter container number
  2. Go to the location and enter the check digitreplen enter the check digit
  3. Enter or Scan the itemreplen enter item code
  4. Enter the Quantityreplen enter the quantity
  5. Enter the Check digit of the "To Location" replen second check digit

Click on the Execute button Execute buttonto complete the Job Execution.

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