Cycle Count Job Execution
  • 22 Feb 2024
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Cycle Count Job Execution

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Understanding Cycle Count Job Execution

What is Cycle Count Job Execution

It a job execution where it will assist the user in checking inventory for auditing regularly to ensure that the records are correct and accurate.

There will need to be a plan run before you can start a Cycle Count Job Execution, done in Cycle Count Enquiry.

Accessing Cycle Count Job Execution

Within the Navigation menu, click on the search bar, type ''Cycle Count Job Execution'' and click "Cycle Count Job Execution". Cycle Count Job Execution is also in Cycle Count > Cycle Count Job Execution.

How to use Cycle Count Job Execution

Select the Cycle Count Profile

Click on the Cycle Count Profile drop-down menu and select the required profile for this count. If needed, here is a link to Creating a Cycle Count Profile.

The Profile you select will either have an initiation method of ‘Auto’ or ‘Job Number’. The profile will also have a default item uom determination method of ‘Enter item code or reference’ or ‘Select from inventory’. 

If you have selected ‘Enter item code or reference’ as the default item UOM determination method you will be asked to enter the item code or reference as seen below.


If you have selected a default Item UOM Determination Method of 'Enter Item Code or Reference', once you have entered the item code or reference you will be presented with tiles to select the relevant item UOM. 

If you would like to change item UOM determination method, you can select ‘select from inventory’

If you have selected ‘Select from Inventory’ as the default item UOM determination method, you will be asked select from the tiles.

If you would like to change item UOM determination method, you can select ‘None of these. Enter item code or reference’.

Once you select the item UOM you will progress to determine the inventory ID.

Uncounted indicated the inventory has not been counted in this plan. Counted indicates that this inventory was already counted in this plan and uncounted indicates that this inventory is yet to be counted. 

If you select a tile that states ‘counted’ you will be queries on whether you wish to count again

If you select ‘None of these: Create inventory Record’ you will be prompted to enter the Status, License Place (if applicable) Batch number (if applicable) Expiry (If applicable. 

You will then begin to count. 

This will continue as you progress through your cycle count plan..

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