Understanding Inbound Status Flow
  • 20 Dec 2022
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Understanding Inbound Status Flow

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When your product is in the goods in process (inbound), it will be in a different stage (we call this a Status).

 This diagram shows how the shipment progresses through Canary7. Unlike outbound status flow, all of these statuses are required.

Inbound status flow chart

Checkin Pending Status

The Checkin Pending status is when the receipt is uploaded and it is awaiting the product to undergo the receiving process.

How to use Receiving

Locating Pending Status

The Locating Pending status is when the system determines where your product will be stored in the warehouse. This process is completed within the system and does not require manual input. If no location is available, it will say "Locating Failed".

Putaway Pending Status

The Putaway Pending status is when the product is assigned a location within the warehouse and awaiting the user to complete the Putaway Job Execution.

How to use Putaway Job Execution

Closed Status

The Closed Status happens automatically after the product has been putaway into storage and now the Inbound process is now complete.

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