Canary7 Menu types
  • 20 Dec 2022
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Canary7 Menu types

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What are Enquiry screens?

Enquiry screens are mainly what warehouse managers use daily and work best on a desktop but can still be used on a mobile device. Enquiries allow the user to find relevant information for whatever they need. Here is a list of each Enquiry screen in Canary7:

The enquiry screens will be used for any operation that requires the user to add/edit, or import data such as receipts or shipments.

What are Job Executions?

Job Execution screens are mainly what the warehouse operators will use when working in the warehouse. These screens are designed to work well with mobile devices since they are intended to be used while the operator is physically carrying out the task set. Here is a list of each Job Execution screen in Canary7:

These menus are designed to help eliminate human error and speed up completing jobs in a warehouse. Job Execution requires Profiles, which can easily be configured to suit your use case.

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