• 29 Oct 2022
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Understanding Staging

What is Staging

This Job execution is used to inform the system that the product has reached the staging area.

Accessing Staging

Within the Navigation menu, click on the search bar, type ''Staging'' and click "Staging". Staging is also in Shipping > Staging.

How to use Staging 

Select the Staging Profile

Click on the Profile drop-down menu, and the correct profile must be selected so the product will be staged correctly. If you need to create a profile, here is a guide to Adding a Staging Profile

select staging profile

Entering Required Fields

To use Staging Job Execution, the following fields may be required:

  1. Scan/Enter the container number.enter in container
  2. Scan/Enter the dock location.enter in dock location(1)

When you have completed these instructions, click on the next buttonNext Button to complete the staging job execution.

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