• 25 Sep 2022
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Understanding Location

What is Location?

It is a positon in a zone where the product will sit. In Canary7, these are predefined, meaning they will only need to be set up once.

Accessing Location

Within the Navigation menu, click on the search bar and type ''Location'' and click on "Location". Location is also in Configuration, under Functional Area Setup > Inventory Control Setup > Location.

Searching for a Location 

For example, you want to see the inventory locations within a location type. To get a list of all locations, leave all fields blank.

location search

Enterable fields:

  • Location or  Location Code
  • Location Class
  • Warehouse
  • Template Fields 1 to 6
  • Location Type
  • Location Template
  •  Machine

Once you have entered all the information, you need to find your results click on the search buttonsearch button to continue.

location search results

This is what the search results will look like and will contain the following:

  • Location Code
  • Warehouse Code
  • Template Fields 1 to 6
  • Location  Check Digit
  • Location Class
  • Location Template
  • Machine
  • Status

All of these results may not be on screen at once. You can simply scroll using the horizontal scroll bar to access the other results.

Adding Locations via import CSV

This will help check that your CSV meets the requirements for location import.

Note: deleted row 2 has this as an example. 

Importing the CSV

Click on the Red Action Buttonred action button. This will bring up a drop-down menu, and select "Import CSV".

2 import csv

Choosing File

The next step is to click on "Choose File"

3 choose file

Locate and choose your file by clicking on "Open"

import location csv

Once you have selected and entered the required fields, click on the Import buttonImport button to upload your file.

Adding Locations via User Input

Click on the Red Action Buttonred action button, this will bring up a drop-down menu, and select "Add"

Enter mandatory fields in the general tab

Location general tab

Enter or select the following

  1.   Location Template or Format (Location Format guide)
  2.  The Location Template Field 
  3.  Warehouse (Warehouse guide)
  4.  Location Class (Location Class Guide)
  5.  Location Type (Location Type Guide)

The Pick and Drop Entry & Exit fields are not mandatory, but it is quite likely that you will need to input them.

Selecting the Zones

If Inventory was selected as the location class, it would now prompt a zone tab, and select the relevant zones needed for this location. (Zone Guide)

selecting the zones

The selected zones determine what purpose the location is dependent on that zone's class.

Selecting Locations Verifications 

enter loc verifications

Verifications are not mandatory but good to have as they help eliminate human error in executing jobs.  Check Digit is recommended for most use cases.

Entering Machine fields

Inputting machine details

Enter the required fields needed for your warehouse automation system. If not needed, leave it blank.

Once you have selected and entered the required fields, click on the submit buttonsubmit button(1) to add.

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