Charge Type
  • 14 Feb 2023
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Charge Type

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Understanding Charge Type

What is Charge Type?

It will apply the assigned Charge Class to charge the customer when the criteria are met. These are fully configurable, and any non-rate variables are defined.

Accessing Charge Type

Within the Navigation menu, click on the search bar, type ''Charge Type'' and click on "Charge Type". Charge Type is also in Billing > Charge Type.

Adding a Charge Type

Click on the Red Action Buttonred action button, this will bring up a drop-down menu, and select "Add"

add type

Complete General Tab

charge type1

Enter and select the following:

  1. Name
  2. Charge Class

Complete the Where Tab

Eneter the where tab

For this example, I want to create a Charge Type that will apply when two conditions are met, the ship-to country is the USA and from Warehouse1 

Columns available (choose 1):

  • id
  • shipment_header_id
  • shipment_number
  • customer_code
  • customer_order_reference
  • warehouse_code
  • company_id
  • company_code
  • planned_dispatch_date
  • outbound_status
  • ship_to_name
  • ship_to_address1
  • ship_to_address2
  • ship_to_address3
  • ship_to_country
  • ship_to_city
  • ship_to_state
  • ship_to_postcode
  • ship_to_attention_to
  • ship_to_phone_num
  • ship_to_email_address
  • ship_to_instructions
  • carrier_name
  • carrier_service_name
  • tracking_number
  • load_no
  • total_container
  • created_at
  • updated_at

Comparison Operators available (choose 1)

  • < (less than)
  • > (greater than)
  • = (equals)
  • <= (less than or equal to)
  • >= (greater than or equal to)
  • <> (not equal to)
  • like

Then enter the value that this relevant to the column you have selected.

To add this to the charge type, click on the upper submit buttonsubmit button(1) to continue.

apply second condidtion

When adding more conditions to the where tab, it will ask you to select from the following Binary Operators:

  • AND (both conditions must be true to meet the criteria)
  • OR (either condition must be true to meet the criteria)

Once you have selected and entered the required fields, click on the submit buttonsubmit button(1) to add.

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