• 05 Jan 2023
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Getting Credentials from Wix

The Wix integration needs the following:

  • client_id
  • client_secret
  • client_refresh_token

Wix API integration guide

wix api

If you follow the guide by Wix you should find the credentials as shown above.

Adding a Wix Company Integration

Click on the Red Action Buttonred action button, this will bring up a drop-down menu, and select "Add"

add type

Complete the General Tab


Select the following:

  1.  "Wix" as the integration
  2. The company related to the integration

Click on add buttonto complete the general tab.

Complete the Api Tab

api general tab(1)

Select the integration Api; here are the options available:

  • Item
  • Order
  • Inventory 

Click on apply to continue, you can add more of these by clicking on the Red Action Buttonred action button,this will bring up a drop-down menu, and select "Add".

api transform tab

If needed, you can enter the Transform. If not, leave it blank and click applyto continue.

Complete the Credential Tab


Enter the following:

  1. client id
  2. client secret
  3. client refresh token

Ensure that this information is correct and click onSave button to add this Wix integration for this company.

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