Print Node Set- Up
  • 16 Feb 2024
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Print Node Set- Up

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Add Print Node Details

On Canary7 navigate to 'Print Node Account' menu. Click 'Add' on the red button. 

This will allow you to add a username and set a password. For the username use your email address. Email and passwords are the only required fields.

When you add these details you will use these credentials to log into Print Node.

Download Print Node

After setting a username and password on Canary7 download Print Node using the link: 

After you download Print Node it will be an item on your desktop:

Logging Into Print Node

When Print Node has downloaded enter the username and password that you set on Canary7.

Navigate to 'Printers' tab on Print Node. All the printers linked to your laptop will appear. Select the relevant printers you would like to sync into Canary7.

Syncing Printers With Canary7

After you have selected the printers you need go back to Canary7 and go to 'Print Node Account' menu. 

Click on the three red dots button and select Sync. When you click 'Sync' a job will run to bring in the printers you selected on your Print Node application.

From the 'Printer' menu on Canary7 this will load in all the printers ticked on Print Node.

The IP address column is the IP of the machine which the printer was connected to when it was synced. Therefore, one printer can be synced on many systems and will display in Canary7 as separate entries using a different IP address.

Test Printing

Once the printers have synced into Canary7 you can do a test print from 'Print Reports' Menu. 

You can see in the printers drop down all the printers that have synced into Canary7.  

The most recently synced printer is usually at the bottom of the printer drop down list.

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