Job Enquiry
  • 02 Nov 2022
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Job Enquiry

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Understanding Job Enquiry

What is Job Enquiry

It is the menu used by the user to access and view information relevant to jobs that are currently in progress.

Accessing Job Enquiry

Within the Navigation menu, click on the search bar, type ''Job Enquiry'' and click on "Job Enquiry". Job Enquiry is also under Jobs > Job Enquiry.

Finding information on Jobs

To find information on Jobs, you can search within the Jobs tab.

search for a list of jobs

In this example, I will search for Picking Jobs by using the Job Class field.

This is what searchable fields there are within Inventory Enquiry:

  • Job Type
  • Job Number
  • Job Class
  • Job Group
  • Reference Number
  • Container Number
  • Item

Once you have entered all the information, you need to find your results click on the search buttonsearch button to continue.

pick search results

The results are shown, and this will only have some of the columns in view to see the rest drag the horizontal scroll bar. Here is a list of what headers you scroll between to view the information.

  •  Job ID
  • Job Type
  • Job Number
  • Job Class
  • Job Group
  • Job Instruction
  • Created At
  • Updated At
  • Priority
  • User

If you want to go back and input more information click on the search iconsearch icon and enter whatever data you need to refine your search.

Getting a Summary of Jobs

These screens make it really easy to understand what is happening in your warehouse when it comes to jobs, showing only the necessary information, for more specific results use the Job tab.

Job Zone Summary

Job Zone summary

This tab will display the information of jobs specific to a zone.

Job Type Summary

Job type summary

This tab will display what job types are currently in progress in your warehouse.

Generating Job Enquiry CSV

Canary7 allows you to generate a .csv file of the data that you have searched for. At the top right-hand side of the screen you will see the Red Action Button, then click on "Generate CSV" this will now prompt a download of the file to your computer.

job enquiry generate csv

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